LSL language module for BBEdit and TextWrangler

NOTE: This module works for BBEdit 6 and 7, and TextWrangler 1. BBEdit 8 and TextWrangler 2 require language modules to use Unicode, and I don’t have a clue. You are welcome to the source code if you would like to give it a try.

Later versions of BBEdit support a "codeless" language module using XML. This highlights keywords ok, but their function scanner does not recognize the unique structure of LSL programs. You can find a current codeless language module for LSL at the Shill project.

This module provides color-coding for Linden Scripting Language files. The function popup menu/navigator is also populated with the functions, states, and events found in your code. See the Second Life scripting forum for more hints.

This is an early edition of the module -- please keep backup copies of your code. If you find this module useful, Send me an IM or maybe some Lindens?!?

Pasted Graphic Download BBeditLSL.dmg