Second Life image upload via command line

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installing redcap

redcap is in active development (July 2009). If you'd like to be notified of new versions, contact me.


Install ImageMagick with JPEG-2000 support, then install RMagick. On Mac OS X, the port variation "jpeg2" includes the JPEG-2000 stuff. Add "+jpeg2" at the end of your "port install" command. After installing ImageMagick, run the command below and look for "rw-" to make sure JPEG-2000 support is enabled on your system.

   identify -list format | grep JPC
      JPC* JPC       rw-   JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax
Other gems required: builder, RMagick

installation methods

Installing as gem is easiest.
    gem install slothbear-redcap --source

To install the gem from a local file, download and install this gem file:

If you'd prefer to install manually, go to the github repository and download the following files to any folder you like:
Adjust the require "uploader" statement to match your environment.

using redcap

You can find usage and troubleshooting info at the redcap home page.