Sloth bear: a development environment for LSL Sloth Bear Picture
Instead of using Sloth, I recommend you use the ByronStar Second Life IDE. It has a lot more features than Sloth, and has seen more recent development.

Sloth was inspired by the Sloth bear. Sloth is implemented as a plug-in for EclipseTM Release 3 (3.1, 3.2). It provides an enhanced development environment for the Linden Scripting Language, the programming language of Second Life.

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Release 1.2.0

The current release of Sloth provides the many benefits of the standard Eclipse text editor, plus a couple of LSL specific features. I am tinkering with more features, but they will come faster if you send me encouragement (or Lindens!).

To install Sloth, use the update site If you have not used an update site before, try the basic instructions below. You can find generic instructions for using the update manager at Eclipse Help.

Sloth features:

  • Editor uses file extensions of "lsl" and "LSL" by default
  • content assist for all functions, constants, events (control-space or command-space)
  • syntax highlighting (with your color preferences)
  • custom foreground and background colors
  • double click selection of words and blocks {}, (), "", []

Eclipse standard editor features:

  • find & replace (with history, direction, scope, and many options)
  • incremental find (like Firefox)
  • line numbers
  • current line highlight
  • local history (compare to or replace with recent changes)
  • integration with CVS (built-in), Subversion, Clearcase (plug-ins available)
  • [list other important features, or link to somewhere?]

screenshot of Sloth editor in action

Sloth installation instructions

  1. Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install
  2. Select the "Search for new features to install" option and click Next.
  3. Click the "New Remote Site..." button and enter the following information:
    • Name: Sloth updates
    • URL:
  4. Expand the "Sloth update site" entry, click on "LSL program editor", then click Next.
  5. On the next page, select "Sloth" and click Next.
  6. Read and accept the Sloth license agreement (or not, your choice!). (Note: The source code is not packaged with this trial release, but will be included with the official release. When I figure out how to do it. If you would like the source before then I can send it to you.)
  7. On the next page select the "install location". The default location is ok, but consider creating a separate site so you don't mix your additions with the official Eclipse code. This makes upgrading Eclipse easier.
  8. Click Finish to start the plug-in installation.
  9. Accept the offer to restart the Workspace at the end.
  10. Create a new file with an extension of "lsl" or "LSL".
  11. Try content assist (Ctrl-space or Command-space), custom colors (Sloth preferences), and double-click selection.
  12. Send comments to Adam Marker. Thanks!!!

To remove Sloth

  1. Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration
  2. In the Product Configuration dialog, find and select the entry for Sloth on the left.
  3. On the right, click the "Disable" link.
  4. Accept the offer to restart the Workbench.
  5. Sloth is now disabled. You can stop here if you might want to enable Sloth later.
  6. Go back to Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration
  7. Enable "Show Disabled Features" (on the toolbar, the icons that looks like a plug-in folder with a red No Entry symbol).
  8. Find and select the entry for Sloth on the left.
  9. On the right, click the "Uninstall" link.
  10. Thanks for trying Sloth. If you have any comments, I will always welcome them. IM: Adam Marker

My thanks to:
  • The Eclipse Foundation and everyone who contributes to Eclipse
  • Bear Biology for the sloth bear picture

Eclipse and Eclipse Ready are trademarks of Eclipse Foundation, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.